Ultra Filtration

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Key Features

  • Pure, clear, healthy DRINKING WATER

  • Output of maximum 600 liters per hour.

  • Removes all particles, bacteria and larger viruses

  • Lightweight and mobile

  • Zero power - driven by gravity

  • Quick Assembly

  • Simple backflush cleaning

  • Self Healing Membranes

  • Highly scalable design; modules can be set into operation in serial or in parallel layout

Advantages of Ultra Filtration

  • Highly efficient separation of bacteria and viruses (104 – 107 fold reduction) of any kind in one process step (physical barrier).

  • Conventional flocculation – sedimentation – sand filtration can be omitted. The plant gets much more compact.

  • Compared to sand filters the membrane cannot break.

  • Bacteria and viruses are separated and not only inactivated.

  • There are no side products and odor emissions.

  • The drinking water produced is colorless, odorless and neutrally flavored (provided there are no other additional process steps).

  • Very mobile application of GDM in disaster areas or for expeditions.

  • The membranes have a long lifetime and are cheaply and easily replaceable.

Application Areas

  • Production of drinking water (from river water, lake water, spring water, rain water)

  • Decentralized water filtration in isolated villages without electricity

  • Water supply for camping sites

  • (Temporary) water supply in disaster areas

  • Swimming pools

  • Fish and swimming ponds