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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use SteriPlant on new born baby?

💧Answer: Yes, SteriPlant can be used on newborn baby because SteriPlant is non-toxic and contains no harmful chemical, alcohol and or fragrance.


Can I transfer SteriPlant into another container?

💧Answer: For cost saving and convenience to use, you can only transfer SteriPlant 500 ml family pack into SteriPlant 50 ml travel pack original bottle from Actiwa Swiss. Do not transfer SteriPlant into any other bottles because SteriPlant's bottle is produced from high quality HDPE plastic and it has been tested that the bottle can keep the electricity charge which is required to kill pathogen germs.


How many puffs/sprays in SteriPlant 50 ml. bottle?

💧Answer: SteriPlant 50 ml bottle has an average of 320 puffs/sprays.


Where can I use SteriPlant?

💧Answer: SteriPlant is suitable for variety of applications such as baby's stroller, baby’s toys, baby's tilts,  breast milk pumping machine, utensils,  seat, car seat, or any surfaces or public area that need sanitation.


Do I need to rinse or wipe-off after applying with SteriPlant?

💧Answer: You do not need to rinse or wipe-off because SteriPlant is 100% water based sanitising water that kills pathogen germs at contact time and will not leave any stains.


Is it safe if I accidentally ingested SteriPlant?

💧Answer: It's safe because SteriPlant is produced from electrolysis process by using purified water and table salt that will not cause any harm to human beings.


What is the product shelf life?

💧Answer: SteriPlant is able to maintain the charge for at least 18 months but after that the charge will be slowly reduced. (The ORP level that can kill pathogen germs is 750 mV. SteriPlant has ORP 900-950 mV.


Is SteriPlant certified or registered with FDA?

💧Answer: SteriPlant is registered with Thai FDA under medical devices. SteriPlant has been certified by many reputable institutions such as Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health Thailand / Development of Livestocks, Ministry of Agriculture & Cooperative Thailand/ and other reputable certified laboratories in Thailand and overseas.

Can I keep SteriPlant in the car under hot sun?

💧Answer: Please avoid keeping SteriPlant in the car & exposed to hot sun. It should be kept in normal room temperature & normal storage conditions.


Is there any harmful in case of leaving SteriPlant in the car under hot sun?

💧Answer:  The product efficacy will be affected if it is exposed to high temperature and under sunlight. However, the product will not cause any harmful effect to you.


Does SteriPlant contain alcohol?

💧Answer: No, SteriPlant does not contain alcohol.


Can I use SteriPlant to sanitise the air?

💧Answer: Yes, SteriPlant can be used to sanitise the air. When spray SteriPlant in the air, the positive electricity charged from SteriPlant will kill pathogen germs at the contact time. Use SteriPlant frequently to sanitise the air.

Why does SteriPlant (electrolysed water) have some smell alike chlorine?

💧Answer: The chlorine smell in SteriPlant comes from the ingredient of sodium chloride (table salt) breakdown during electrolysis process which is the smell maybe similar to the saltwater pool's smell but, it's not chlorine! For newly produced SteriPlant, it will have such smell but will be gradually faded by itself.